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Come Organize With Me

One of the reasons I decided on the name Pretty Pristine Co. is because I love to organize, but more specifically, I love to create pretty, pristine, and functional spaces. ✨


I enjoy every part of the process - assessing, planning, executing, and unveiling. Whether it be a jewelry box, filing tote, bathroom vanity, bedroom closet, kitchen pantry, home office, garage, or even the dreaded junk drawer, it's a new challenge with infinite possibilities!


Organizing, unlike sports (or any of the other activities my family so optimistically supported me in trying while growing up), comes naturally to me and I take a lot of pride in this little expertise of mine. Sorting through chaos to create a sense of calm is what I’m after. 🙌🏻


So, come along with me (and my sweet pup, Ollie) to give some much-needed attention to the cabinet where I store his food, treats, clothes (yes, I said it), and other Ollie-related items. I have linked all of The Container Store products I used for this project below!

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1 Comment

Jan 11

AWESOME!! Do you offer in home organizing?

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